Video by Xavier Dolan

Extraordinary film maker Xavier Dolan disturbing video for Indochine (video contains acts of violence and school classroom scenes). He also directed Adele’s video for Hello, but this is quite something else. It seems to have inspired David Bowie using the same square format Dolan also uses to great effect in his feature Mummy.

The boy is victim and yet saviour. The video explicitly makes you witness the criminal human in full pack animal mode. The 16mm style window view is this director’s thumbprint. Expressionism and pain.

In 2009, Dolan identified Michael Haneke as one of his favourite directors for his precise camerawork and strong writing, citing Haneke’s Funny Games and The Piano Teacher as favourites.[26] At the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, Dolan said that The Piano by Jane Campion was a major inspiration for him.

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