The Enid


The Enid have been playing prog-rock in various guises since 1973 but this gig was the last one of their current tour and CD release Dust. And not only the last of the tour but the last gig by founding member Robert John Godfrey. Over mamy years, The Enid have produced many highly original albums. Dust is the last part of the Journey’s End trilogy.


The Dust concert by the UK’s “best kept secret“, was nothing less than a sensational theatrical experience, the filmic music experience. Joe Payne’s hypnotic entrancing vocal performance is operatic in delivery. Poignantly powerful.

Plus a large video backdrop mysteriously interacting with Payne, this show suprises and shocks with raw theatricality an aesthetic experience with wizardry and dance precision.



Directed by Simon Drake (House of Magic, Secret Cabaret), the concert moved with a certain elegance throughout, with cinematic visual illusion and drama. It was a collaboration of a band at its ripe best with precise pacing. Space age visuals of a fantastic exploding operatic rock godhood is compelling. The prog rock is faithfully majestic but the audience is with it every second of the journey.


An emotional recital and farewell by Robert John Godfrey was met with a standing ovation as were the band before and following a cracking encore showing that The Enid is indeed a very current band, progressively current prog-rock.

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