The flip side of lamentable wet romantic gothic vampire teen films is this, kids wearing ill fitting costumes, that beat the thugs at their own game by acting as vigilantes.

The most evil baddies die at the hands of an eleven year old wonder who’s opening line is “okay you cunts, let’s see what you can do.” as she proceeds to execute with extraordinary prejudice eight or so thugs with remarkably little malice in an offhand killing style that is intensely comic.

Comic book fiction in the unbelievably violent genre, so much so it becomes humour.

The nerdy guys get the girl, the eleven years old heroine enjoys being brutal and the hero boasts at the start of the film about how much he masturbates!   The fetish gear in which he carries on as Kick Ass is a green wetsuit designed by a plumber.  Must get awful sweaty in there.

Kick Ass is a brilliant and certainly an unusual film in a new genre not quite used to goofy risk taking and bone breaking hilarity with a heart.

This film is both derivative and yet highly original.  The ridiculously caped superhero genre is so well established but this style of crime fighting not only comes from a completely different place (pure revenge, not so much law or honour) and fallibility is celebrated.  It is not strength that wins the day, but guile.  The antithesis of power wins over force.  The man who brought his child up with violence in her heart and the awkward teenaged dweeb slaughter the bullies.  It feels good and despite ultra violence it is hardly blood thirsty.  Despite routinely severed limbs and killing with extreme prejudice the gore stakes seem lower than expected in this genre.  Justice is seen to be done.   The gawky hero gets the girl, revenge is won, everyone cheers.

**** Originality

*** Artistic value

***** Sheer fun

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