Duchamp Cage and Cunninham

Review of exhibition at The Barbican


The Duchamp/Cage aspects of the exhibit were excellently curated, and the works were brilliant. Highlights were the sculptures and Duchamp’s paintings.

The dancers themselves were extremely good and although their inclusion was effective, some aspects of the technical production were out of step with the choreography. For Cunningham lighting is part of the performance.  The lights appeared to be dimming on a timer instead of being controlled in a style that befit the performance. The dimming out in the middle of a solo performance seemed misjudged. The player grand pianos were a great touch although it seemed only one was playing.

Also the sounds related to the art sometimes seemed to clash one side of the room competing with the other. I found it jarring at times, rather loud and could not really feel the value in some of the voiced parts.

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