Would You Die for Me? – Das FLÜFF


Would You Die for Me?

First CD – available here

A three piece with three extreme and inventive artists create a shocking resonance rich with dangerous landscapes tarred by an atomic blonde brush of evolved glam, a skilled pen for both an adventurous lyric and perfect electric harmonies; a flawless cabaret, colour and syllable perfection, perhaps; both movement and voice, a flawless occupation of genre ideals.

Wearing the disguise of a remorseless disregard for convention, tarnished by shocking abandon. Listen unprepared for exposed emotional skeletons quaking with European sensibility. Here for once, is something genuinely new.

It is simply a voice, a guitar and a multifarious keyboard with both heavy agenda and bad-pussycat written all over its python like assault on your sensibilities. All those self-limiting secrets are hidden away as the transference of shock leaves its marks on your skin.

This is an album of the broken. An opus to grief stricken rage – pleading at the margins of what’s left. Dawn Lintern’s powerful voice is pitch perfect revealing nearly too much in a close to the bone album. The final song, Please surrounds you helpless in its grasp. Expressive and precise.

five star * * * * originality and performance

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