Cut Paper Art

Fiona Scott-Wilson creates images, often of birds or wildlife in nature creating a new kind of art combining Japanese paper cuts of the exquisite British flora and fauna following an Eastern tradition of presentation.


Her works take on a sort of reality of their own, existing in a mythical flat spaced kingdom frozen in time. Her subjects include the many and varied species of British bird. Her images sometimes rework one of her remarkable ink illustrations.


It is the village artist from the perspective of the worldly traveller. Indeed her work encompasses, in multiple media, village life during her five year soujourn in the mountain villages of Italy in Gouache, large acrylic canvases of birds also in the oriental style. The cut paper works are an original hybrid of traditional techniques and the modern. They are also stunning artefacts.

Fiona Scott-Wilson’s website features her 2014 exhibition of cut paper works.

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