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What we are looking for

Posted Saturday, April 3rd, 2010
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Talented writers who want to publish original works without compromise.  RIGINALTY is an old fashioned literary publication using a new medium.

Suitable styles we want to see more of:

a) short stories

  • Literary work
  • Mystery and Crime fiction
  • Fiction based in London
  • Romantic fiction

b) serialised novels

  • Publish as you write
  • One chapter per week
  • Multiple authors

c) articles about:

  • Living in London
  • Life at the edge
  • Art reviews
  • Theatre reviews
  • Music reviews
  • Film reviews
  • Philosophic views
  • Political views
  • In the news
  • Resources for artists
  • Public notices for subscribers


  • RIGINALITY uses google adsense to run advertising on all our pages.  This is the funding source to pay our costs.  We also link to related sites, and external advertising is not generally available (but may be purchased).
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