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Posted Saturday, April 3rd, 2010
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To send your work for consideration of inclusion in RIGINALITY simply join the site and contribute using the fairly simple WordPress admin interface.

Initial samples should be one page in length maximum and do not need to be final edits.  If we like your contribution you will be invited to submit a full work for your own RIGINALTY page.

Our rules are simple:

a) must be original and/or extraordinary

b) you own your own copyright, but grant Riginality publication rights. Think of us like a magazine.

c) if you delete your account, your contributions will be removed from our servers, no questions asked (and no way to recover them!)

d) google adsense ads may appear on your page.

e) limited photographic content is allowed

f) we have final say on editing and anything that our editors disallow will not be included on the current edition of Riginality

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