What do we mean: originality

The site got a bit difficult to update due to my ISP having a DNS fault for two months – and I had client sites to look after. The videos so far are worth watching so before we post more frequently have a look again at Das Fluff 100% and Jordan Reyne and Marina Cwleste – filming these artists came about due to a single night at a venue which used to be called The Bowery. Unfortunately it appears to have changed its name but we hope its interest in the original arts is not diminished. So much of our world relies upon the acceptance of sameness. Mass agreement does not make something better than it is. A lot of modern culture is good, but is it original? Is the works of the Chapman Brothers more original than Damien Hurst? We attempt to clarify a view of oRiginality in the arts. Follow.


Originality is the point.

RIGINALITY is a magazine project for observing the arts, music and dance. The works are documented with the camera and pen of the site’s author, Nicholas Alexander or are blog posts of found items that epitomise an original nature or artist.

The works must be original, this site is not interested in cover bands or competitions.  Ezra Pound’s MAKE IT NEW is the point.  If you do something adventurous, EXTRAORDINARY or DIFFERENT, then get in touch with us and invite us to your art event with a camera.