British Sculpture

An exhibition at the Royal British Society of Sculpture opened on May 19th. Curated by Leila Galloway and Andy Price the exhibition The Thought of Stuff opened with a range of works photographed below.

“The Thought of Stuff is an exhibition at the Royal British Society of Sculptors that combines work by Alison Wilding, Esmeralda Valencia, Jack Strange, Wayne Lucas, Adam Gillam and Jonthan Callan, with a performed talk by Elizabeth Rosser at the Shipwright’s Palace in Deptford. These seven diverse practices share a commitment to something that might be identified with sculpture – an initmate confrontation with materiality in generating new becomings.”

See also their new site: – bookmark it for more about British Sculpture – emerging soon

[wp-imageflow2 dir=art/thoughtofstuff]

Originality ****
Rating ****

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