Bjork – the music from Matthew Barney’s Drawing Restraint 9

Perhaps qualifies as a rare find Bjork CD or perhaps just an uncommon selection – not a release I had encountered before – first track is a gentle introduction with a male voice as as you listen to the song, as though her voice were exploring it, it made more sense, what follows you are not quite prepared for, it is extreme and relentless in layered beauty. It is Bjork at her adventurous best composing outseide the realm of political or even emotional meaning. It is a heated abstract of electric warmth produced through Bjork’s designed to spec intruments and more conventional orchestral arrangements this modern Mozart paints in a multi dimensional tapestry of sound and dance and colourful brilliance in Bjork’s unique style of composition rich and sometimes dischodant – the slicing deprecation the album ends with is every bit as weird as the rest of it. Bjork’s art significant work is indeed a dignified and serious work of art in itself.

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